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Clients & Projects

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Lecture on Sales Enthusiasm Management at LAHAV
Systematic Innovation Workshops at CaesarStone
Strategy and Innovation Workshops at the Plasgad Factory
Innovation Management Course for Students of the International Program at the Herzelia Interdisciplinary Center
Innovation Day at Henkel-Sod
Creative Advertising Workshop and Intra-Organizational Campaign Development at Clalit
Innovation Day at HP
Marketing Assistance for Celebros
Systematic Innovation Lecture at Ma'adanot
Systematic Innovation Lecture for Products Managers at Playtech
Systematic Innovation Lecture for Products Managers at TTI
Effective Presentation Workshop at Jungo
Assistance with Technological Developments at Interwise
"Do It Yourself" Workshops at Migdal
Marketing Consulting to 888
The Art of Selling Workshop at Fritz Companies
Systematic Innovation Process at the Science Museum in Jerusalem
Manager Development Course at Solgar
Strategy and Innovation Process at Galilee Spices
Inventive Thinking in Problem Solving and Product Development Workshop at BiondVax
Lectures on Innovation and Strategy in a Product Management course at High-Tech College
Workshops for Administrative Gym Managers at Clalit Health Services
Systematic Innovation Workshop at Matrix's Management Conference
Series of Workshops on Complex B2B Sales for MIS
Product Strategy Workshop at 888
Six Thinking Hats Workshop at Migdal Insurance
Systematic Innovation Process at Beigel Beigel
Ongoing Marketing Assistance for Habonim
Six Thinking Hats Workshop at McAfee
Personal Coaching for a Manager at Hakiliya Nefromor
ZOOZ leads Systematic Innovation activity at Wissotzky
Innovation and Strategy Lectures at a Product Management Course at High-Tech College
Systematic Innovation Activity at Mishkan Hatchelet
Market Surveys for Kidskit
Product Strategy Workshop for Marvell
Decision Making Workshop Combined with Thinking Games at Clalit Health Services
ZOOZ leads Systematic Innovation activity at Wissotzky
ZOOZ leads Systematic Innovation activity at Wissotzky
ZOOZ will conduct Manager Development workshop at the First International Bank
ZOOZ assists Significant with Product Strategy
ZOOZ continues to provide the ABC Institute with marketing assistance
ZOOZ provides marketing and branding assistance to Ayala Bar
ZOOZ conducts Manager Development workshops at Johnson & Johnson Medical
ZOOZ provides marketing assistance to the Organ Transplant Center
ZOOZ conducts Employee Motivation workshop to Barzilai Accounting Firm
ZOOZ gives lecture on Blue Oceans Strategy at a Gilat managers forum
ZOOZ conducts Innovation workshop at the Israel Aerospace Industries
ZOOZ assists Habonim with technological and marketing innovation
ZOOZ conducts Innovation and Strategy process at Ofek Aerial Photography
ZOOZ conducts Systematic Innovation process at the Keter Group
ZOOZ conducts Time Management workshop at the Gesher Society
ZOOZ conducts Key Talent workshops to MIRS managers
ZOOZ conducts Practical Job Interview Skills workshop to JDC Israel
ZOOZ conducts Effective Presentation workshop to managers at MIS
ZOOZ leads Technological Problem Solving process using Inventive Thinking at Gibor-Sabrina
ZOOZ provides Tel Aviv University with Organizational Consulting and Assessment services
ZOOZ conducts Strategic Directions workshop at Yad Mordechai apiary
ZOOZ will provide marketing and organizational assistance services to Galor
ZOOZ assists Harmonic's extreme innovation team
ZOOZ assists the Systematic Innovation process at Interwise
ZOOZ to conduct Effective Presentations In Practice workshops at MobileAccess
ZOOZ gives lecture on Transformational Leadership to Ministry of Education school principals
ZOOZ conducts Time Management workshops to Bnei Akiva institutions
ZOOZ conducts Sales workshops at Motorola Israel's service centers
ZOOZ conducts Strategy and Innovation workshops to IRPC as part of Nitsos Program
ZOOZ gives lectures on Conflict Management to management of Modi'in Ezrachi
ZOOZ leads "A Product is Born" process at the Shomron dairies
ZOOZ conducts Systematic Innovation workshops to MDT
ZOOZ conducts Core Skills workshops at Motorola
ZOOZ conduct Systematic Innovation process at Gibor Sabrina
ZOOZ assists ECI with Key Talent process
ZOOZ conducts lecture on Marketing Strategy and Approach to R&D people at Harmonic
ZOOZ will conduct a Marketing Entrepreneurship course at Hogla-Kimberley
ZOOZ conducts service center improvement process at GMT
ZOOZ conducts examination of strategic directions and innovation management process at Carmel Systems
ZOOZ conducts Strategic Innovation workshops to Terraflex
ZOOZ provides Audiocodes with organizational consulting services
ZOOZ provides strategic assistance to Matechet Maayan
ZOOZ leads "A Product is Born" process at Ofertex
ZOOZ helps Odem Plast's KidsKit develop new products
ZOOZ leads repositioning process at the Foreign Trade Administration
ZOOZ conducts Business Coaching and lecture to Visonic management
ZOOZ lead technological problem solving process at Roll Profiles (Klil)
ZOOZ conducts lecture on employee motivation at a Bnei Akiva movement manager's convention
ZOOZ conducts Idea Screening workshop at Yad Mordechai apiaries
ZOOZ conducts Blue Oceans workshop to Enterprise
ZOOZ conducts Introduction to Marketing lectures to R&D personnel at Creo
ZOOZ conducts Marketing Penetration workshop to Israel Aerospace Industries' Lahav factory
ZOOZ conducts Positioning & Advertising workshop at Orbotech's international MarCom convention
ZOOZ will provide marketing assistance to the Foreign Trade Administration
ZOOZ conducted Marketing Creativity workshop at StarHome
ZOOZ conducted Cost Reduction workshop at Plastic Magen
ZOOZ assists Nirlat Group's Univercol with technological problem solving
ZOOZ leads Six Thinking Hats workshop at Cisco
ZOOZ facilitated a Positioning workshop at Beryl-Davis today
ZOOZ has facilitated a Creative Advertising workshop at ICQ
ZOOZ led a Inventive Thinking seminar at MOFET
ZOOZ will facilitate a Decision Making workshop - using board games - at Israel Railways
ZOOZ led a Creative Thinking workshop at Neopharm today
ZOOZ facilitates a search for strategic growth paths at Noga Engineering
ZOOZ positioning workshop at SONOL today
ZOOZ helps "5 carpenters" chain to develop new children rooms
ZOOZ lecture on Blue Ocean Strategy at Neopharm
ZOOZ will facilitate Systematic Innovation workshops at The ABC Institute
ZOOZ will provide strategic consulting to SGD Aeronautics Engineering
ZOOZ continues to train the Israel Association of Community Centers
ZOOZ has facilitated an Innovation and Creativity workshop at Intel
ZOOZ lectured on NPD and Inventive Thinking at the Polytechnic University
ZOOZ lecture on Technological Inventive Thinking at MEKOROT
ZOOZ provides coaching to YAAD Systems
ZOOZ will facilitate a System-Oriented Vision workshop at MIGDAL
ZOOZ has held a Problem Solving workshop at Enerco
ZOOZ will facilitate a project management workshop at Tel-Aviv Municipality
Perfect 5.00 feedback score to facilitator Amir Elion at YES workshop
ZOOZ has held a Blue Ocean Strategy workshop at Intel
ZOOZ will facilitate a creativity workshop at YES
ZOOZ has held a lecture on Systematic Innovation at BMC Software
ZOOZ is holding Systematic Innovation workshops at Yad Mordechai
ZOOZ will hold Systematic Innovation workshops at Hydro
ZOOZ will provide management Business Coaching to Neopharm
ZOOZ is leading a Nitsos Network program on Jerusalem Art
ZOOZ wiil hold an NPD workshop at Export Institute
ZOOZ will hold a strategy workshop at Amal Hesegim
ZOOZ is providing marketing consulting to Addwise
ZOOZ has held a games teamwork workshop at Bezeq-Call
Perfect 5.00 feedback score to facilitator Keren Tzuk at Tzora Furniture
ZOOZ holds Systematic Innovation workshops at Huliot
ZOOZ helped Meimad Studios with reality TV show
ZOOZ will hold strategy and sales workshops at Tzora Furniture
ZOOZ and Ideation-TRIZ to solve problem for Kapro
ZOOZ will hold project soft skills workshops at Rafael
ZOOZ will hold a course for Central Purchasing at Osem
ZOOZ Systematic Innovation workshop at Strauss Icecreams
ZOOZ to help Programa in adopting a client-focused approach
ZOOZ will assist Hagit Ladders to increase output and locate European costumers
ZOOZ helps Shilav develop a unique strategy
ZOOZ has started a Creative Brand Management course at Eli Lilly Israel
ZOOZ consults to Maccabi Health on employee motivation
ZOOZ holds creativity and games workshops at Tnuva
ZOOZ holds Systematic Innovation workshops at Klil
ZOOZ will hold a Systematic Innovation in Technology course for Zach-Serafon
A perfect 5.00 feedback to ZOOZ facilitator Inbal Wenger and Candidate Interview workshop
ZOOZ will hold a Systems Management workshop with games at Osem
ZOOZ will hold Project Management Workshop at Elcam Medical
A perfect 5.00 feedback to ZOOZ facilitators at Neopharm
ZOOZ provides Systematic Innovation workshops to Strauss Salads
ZOOZ will hold a Systematic Innovation in Technology course for Arad Technologies
ZOOZ will provide workshops on sales skills and employee development to Agis Distribution & Marketing
ZOOZ will provide Systematic Innovation Workshops to Shilav
ZOOZ supports the community and develops managers of ZEVA Fund
A perfect 5.00 feedback to Inbal Wenger and ZOOZ in an Agis Industries workshop
Gevaram will develop new envelopes with ZOOZ
ZOOZ will provide consulting and training services to Dexxon
Dafron will develop new notebooks with ZOOZ
Staruss Icecreams will start a Systematic Innovation Process with ZOOZ
Wizcom will develop an updated strategic plan following a ZOOZ analysis
ZOOZ helps Bagir develop new suits