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Training Methods and Tools

Methods and tools for increased effectiveness, included in ZOOZ workshops:

Customer focused selling strategy

  • The most advanced method for improving the results of complex sales
  • The method has increased the sales of many firms, including: IBM ,Xerox and Honeywell
  • The method provides step-by-step practical tools for influencing the customer's decision making process
  • The workshop includes simulations of real life situations. Further conclusions are made following the actual implementation

New Product Development using Inventive Thinking

  • A method for inventing innovative products and services on the basis of existing products and services
  • The method is used in companies such as:
    Phillips ,RubberMaid ,Visa ,Coca-Cola and Kodak.
  • The methods saves considerable time and promotes a common language between marketing and R&D professionals
  • During the workshops dozens of ideas that will surprise the competition are developed

Creative Advertising using Inventive Thinking

  • A method for creating original and effective advertising campaigns
  • The method is used in agencies such as:
    McCann-Erickson, Ogilvy & Mather, Saatchi & Saatchi
  • The method promotes the creative process while achieving a pronounced improvement in the speed and quality of the results
  • The workshop includes application on true customer briefs

De Bono's Six Thinking Hats

  • A method for improving the skills of team thinking and discussion for a more thorough and comprehensive solution of problems
  • The method was adopted by companies such as:
    DuFont ,Ericsson ,Exxon and Prudential
  • The method provides tools for effective teamwork and leads to a drastic improvement in the climate of discussion
  • The workshop includes practicing and solving relevant problems

De Bono Thinking Skill

  • Additional tools for improving thinking and effective problem-solving skills
  • The method helps make thinking more focused, through the learning of common thinking and perception patterns
  • The workshop includes experiential exercises of the various thinking tools

Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

  • A method for developing human capital through the operation of seven different kinds of intelligence
  • The method allows for an effective exploitation of various intelligences in a teamwork setting: Mathematical-Logical Intelligence, Linguistic Intelligence, Musical Intelligence, Motorical Intelligence, Spatial Intellignce, Inter-Personal Intelligence and Intra-Personal Intelligence
  • The methods provides alternative options for the common definition of "Intelligence"
  • During the workshop participants experience all types of intelligence, and learn of their advantages and applications