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Innovation Management

Is your company innovative?
Do you imitate other companies?
Do they imitate you?
Where do you get your ideas from?
Can you predict the next big idea in your field?
How many new products have you introduced to the market over the past 3 years?
What percentage of your sales comes from these products?
How much money do you lose on new products ?

In today's fast changing market, creativity has become a major factor. However, expanding your product and service range is usually a very slow and expensive process. Therefore, it is vital to learn from the experience of others in the field of innovation, and to implement effective work procedures.

ZOOZ provides training and guidance on well-established methods of innovation management. Our multidisciplinary team has gained extensive experience in leading various aspects of innovation management, including: developing ideas for products and services, managing market research, forming an innovation strategy, fostering creativity and teamwork, overcoming technological barriers, developing and launching products, supporting organizational development, and more.

ZOOZ provides the following Innovation Management services:

  • New product and service idea generation (through SIT and other methods)
  • Idea bank management - internal and external screening (Concept Testing), ongoing development
  • Technological breakthroughs - for reduced costs or competitive advantage
  • Organizational infrastructure - budgeting, committees, creativity, teamwork
  • Strategic infrastructure - policy, goals, market and development compatibility
  • Commercialization - market penetration, positioning, complex sales, packaging

For your convenience, we offer in-house Systematic Innovation workshopsTM anywhere on the globe. During such workshops participants learn to apply powerful Thinking Tools while focusing on their own products and services, and typically produce dozens of useful ideas for innovation.

You are also invited to read articles about Systematic InnovationTM on this web site.