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Clients & Projects

Date News Item
15-Oct-05 ZOOZ will facilitate a creativity workshop at YES
28-Sep-05 ZOOZ has held a lecture on Systematic Innovation at BMC Software
24-Sep-05 ZOOZ is holding Systematic Innovation workshops at Yad Mordechai
14-Sep-05 ZOOZ will hold Systematic Innovation workshops at Hydro
05-Sep-05 ZOOZ will provide management Business Coaching to Neopharm
22-Aug-05 ZOOZ is leading a Nitsos Network program on Jerusalem Art

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Products & Services

Date News Item
25-Sep-05 New at ZOOZ - Creative Brand Management Workshops
12-Aug-05 New at ZOOZ - Directed Evolution: Technological Monopoly with Ideation-TRIZ
03-Jul-05 New at ZOOZ - Business Coaching
01-May-05 New at ZOOZ - consulting and support to small businesses
30-Apr-05 New at ZOOZ - Inventive Problem Solving with Ideation-TRIZ
15-Mar-05 New at ZOOZ - New Strategy Implementation through BPM

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New on ZOOZ website

Date News Item
17-Sep-04 New ZOOZ Workshop pages
23-Jul-04 New Article: Connecting the Head to the Feet
19-Apr-04 New Article: Locating and Entering an Interesting Retail Chains Market Overseas
15-Apr-04 The English section of ZOOZ website has been updated
10-Mar-04 New Article: Marketing Penetration - How to effectively reach your target audience

Lectures & Events

Date News Item
27-Jan-05 Lecture: Strategic Revolution through "Value Innovation"
18-Jan-05 Lecture: Systematic Innovation in Packaging
06-Jan-05 Lecture: Managing Integrated Innovation Projects
29-Dec-04 Lecture: Board Games and Management Training
01-Dec-04 Lecture: Managing Integrated Innovation Projects

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