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Marketing Communications

What do potential clients think about your company?
Do they know all they should? Do they know it at all?
What do actual clients think about it?
What do they think about your products and services?
What is your company's image?
What is your company's reputation ?

Marketing Communications (MarCom in short) includes any source of information about your company given to an outsider. It is the interface between your company and the outside world. And in this respect, any conceivable contact point matters: your business card, an article that mentions your company in the newspaper, the packaging of your products, and even the message on your answering machine. All these leave an impression about your company. It is crucial to make sure it is a good one.

It is also very important that all MarCom materials "speak in the same language", since the more a message is repeated the more memorable and effective it becomes. Surprisingly, many companies do not even use the same color for their logo on different materials. Therefore, we help companies achieve unity in the various materials so that for example, the logos on the company's website, fax paper and company cars will match and strengthen their corporate identity.

As for advertising, many companies, especially small ones, find it too expensive. ZOOZ assists by providing affordable alternatives, such as articles in the newspapers, newsletters, and direct marketing. We also help in creating highly effective ads when necessary. After all, sometimes advertising is the only way to achieve the desired impact.

ZOOZ helps companies to plan MarCom according to individual needs and budget. Then we select freelance experts (or studios) from our proven experts' pool. We supervise the entire process to assure the quality and effectiveness of the results. We also make sure that budgets are strictly followed. By doing so, we save our clients a lot of precious time and effort, and plenty of headaches.

Marketing Communications services offered by ZOOZ include:

  • Social Marketing
  • Presentations


  • Site planning
  • Site building
  • Site promotion
  • Virtual shopping
  • Site maintenance

   Intranet / Extranet

  • Database solutions
  • Support services

   Public Relations

  • Copywriting
  • Distribution


  • Planning
  • Creating (copy and design)
  • Placement

   Graphic Design and Copywriting

  • Exhibit stands
  • Brochures, catalogues
  • Company profile
  • Stationary and business cards
  • Packaging