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ZOOZ Marketing

ZOOZ means, in Hebrew, both "to move" and "money". Our mission is to help companies increase their profits, by responding better to market needs.

We provide outsourcing, consulting and training services in the fields of strategy, marketing and innovation, emphasizing professionalism and effectiveness.



  • ZOOZ provides various Systematic Innovation workshops to HP, including "Invent-it-Yourself" and SCAMPER workshops

  • ZOOZ facilitated Time Management and Passion Management workshops at Johnson & Johnson

  • ZOOZ Product Innovation workshops at Uniliever resulted in dozens of ideas for new food products

  • ZOOZ led Blue Ocean Strategy process and Creative Thinking workshop at Intel

  • ZOOZ led a team development process at Merck-Serono Biopharmaceuticals

  • ZOOZ helped Coca Cola in the development of service innovation for points of sale

  • ZOOZ held Six Thinking Hats workshop at Cisco

  • ZOOZ leads Creative Brand Management course at 3M

  • ZOOZ facilitates Marketing Entrepreneurship course at Kimberly-Clark

  • ZOOZ lectured on Passion Management at Qualcomm

  • ZOOZ led various activities at Motorola, including Core Competencies process, Product Development seminar and Blue Ocean Strategy workshop

  • ZOOZ held a Creative Brand Management process at Ely Lilly Pharmaceuticals

  • ZOOZ facilitated B2B Sales Strategy workshops to three different sale teams at Novo Nordisk

  • ZOOZ leads "invent-It-Yourself" workshops at eBay

  • ZOOZ held Innovation workshops at Orange Telecom

  • ZOOZ led Creative Advertising workshop at ICQ

  • ZOOZ facilitated Marketing & Management Skills Course at Solgar

  • ZOOZ held Six Thinking Hats workshop at McAfee

  • ZOOZ helped Starry, an OEM group based in China, to sharpen their strategy and to invent new products

  • ZOOZ led Decision-Making workshop at Checkpoint

  • ZOOZ provides Innovation Management courses at the eMBA program at the Hebrew Universiry, and at the International program at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya


  • Our capabilities before the workshops cannot compare with our current ability to innovate. With proper marketing and investment know-how, these new capabilities will bring us a much higher profitability level in the near future.

    Yossi Shaiker, CEO, Duke Energy

  • I have 15 years of experience with consultants. Some are better and some are worse. This was the best business advice I can ever remember our firm receiving. We would never have been able to come up with so many practical ideas.

    Tzviki Zolotariov, CEO, Meditek, Sam-On Group

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Service in focus

Systematic Innovation Workshops - provide tools and advanced methods for managing all stages of innovation: strategic and organizational infrastructure; idea-bank management (development and screening); technological problem solving; commercialization.

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