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Client Recommendations

Here are client recommendations following workshops by ZOOZ:

"150 hours of expanded horizons and sheer pleasure. A clear plus of a brilliant facilitator"
Arik Dembler, CEO, Prisma scale systems

"I got excellent thinking and organiztional tools. I liked the original, innovative and fresh approach to the development and promotion of an organization"
Meir Firstman, Head of Instruction Improvement Center,
ORT School Network

 "A well-organized and professional training...the management team recieved practical work tools...recommneded for any company interested in development and innovation"
Nathan Yager, CEO, Polygal

"Our marketing horizon expanded. I reached places I've never been to beforeand was equipped with tools I could use daily. I am certain that our sales will rise"
Arye Zolotariov, Chairman, Meditek - Sam-On Group

"The workshop lead to a list of 10 selected new ideas that we can bring to market in the present business year"
Dr. Gilada Avisar, Head Curriculum Development Center,
Beit-Berl College

"Always on target...bright, vigirous and inclusive...recommended for anyone needing to create change"
Ramona Boston, HR manager, Arad-Dalia

"Today, as a result of the already applied innovations an on-giong development, we can say that the program was way beyond our expectations. It also resulted in successful integration of our different departments"
Haim Regev, CEO, Neka-Careline

"Our capabilities before the workshops cannot compare with our current ability to innovate. With proper marketing and investment knowhow, these new capabilities will bring us, a much higher profitability rate in the near future"
Yossi Shaiker, CEO, Duke Energy

"I have derived many practical tools for the daily management of employees and tasks"
Yigal Gelper, Operations manager, ChemAgis

 "We gained a method for producing new ideas, screening them and making them real. I liked the consistency, order and logic, and the expansion of horizons"
Efrat Ben-Horin, CEO, Arkal Plastic Products

"A great workshop for any company looking for renewal"
Naftali Hirsh, CEO, Noga Engineering

"The course (10 sessions) was a great success, due to the skill of the facilitator, his ability to lead the workshops in a convincing, effective and intelligent manner"
Avi Hacohen, COO, Neopharm

"A well structured and interesting workshop, focusing the company thinking tank, and teaching it to 'think innovation' in an efficient and effective way"
Adi Alfandary, VP Sales and Markeing, SMS Smart Storage Solutions 

"The workshop empowers and strengthens the ability to create revenues"
Dan Winter, CEO, Arad Technologies

"We got to know the people we work with (for better and for worse), developed a previously unfamiliar way of thinking, and learned that a lot can be achieved by us alone"
Costin Stoyan, Asset Manager, Afikim Electric Vehicles

"The consulting was execllent. It built our team spirit, and established good teamwork among the various management functions...Some of the ideas we generated were so good, that on the following evening, we went back to the factory to work on their development"
Amnon Shaham, CEO, Camel-Sarid Grinding Wheels

"I have 15 years of experience with consultants. Some are better, some worse. This was the best businees consulting I can ever remember having. We would never have been able to come up with so many practical ideas"
Tzviki Zolotariov, CEO, Meditek - Sam-On Group

"I acquired an understanding of market processes and needs...I was intellectually stimulated and experienced tremndous personal growth...I appreciated the seriousness of the facilitator and the respect towards the participants"
Aharon Ben-Shahar, Head of R&D, Polygal

"The course undoubtedly helps managers in solving and managing problems"
Eytan Borochowitz, Head of QA, ChemAgis

"I liked the marketing creativity - the ability to step into the company's "shoes" and think with us to find creative solutions"
Gilon Beck, CEO, Arad-Dalia

"I've learned to develop the firm's products and its interests  systematically"
Ran Weissman, CEO, Tipa Technologies

"If you'd like to refresh your thinking, to view personal and organizational activities from new angles, this is the way to go. Do not be afraid of moving on, do not fear change"
Yoel Rothschield, Head of Planning and Pedagogy Unit, ORT School Network

"An effecient and focused management of a multi-participant discussion in general, and of product positioning in particular"
Shimon Michanovski, VP Pharma, Neopharm

"I love the fact the absolutely every participant in the workshop came up with new ideas, although up untill the workshop they were not concieved as inventors"
Eyal Zolotariov, Head Pharmacist, Meditek - Sam-On Group

"They created a dynamic of innovation and a positive atmosphere change in our company"
Ofer Rabonowitz, COO, Noge engineering

"The fascinating lecture has contributed a lot to the success of the event"
Orit Goldberger, Manager of the New Generation Managers' Club, The Israeli Center of Management ('Hamil')

"Despite being a very experienced salesperson, I had a lot to learn"
Haim Gonen, Southern Region manager, Prisma scale systems